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Defining a good business strategy is relatively easy, executing the strategy and aligning the whole company is a major challenge.

In a dynamic, globalized and complex economy, IMPULSA Division helps our customers to bridge the gap between Strategy and its Execution, through goal-oriented Talent Management.

IMPULSA delivers seamless SuccessFactors implementations, within deadlines and quality unparalleled in Spanish market. A dedicated team of experienced and certified professionals will help you to boost your efficiency, aligning your workforce with your strategic goals.

You have now available our new service "SuccessFactors Full Express 2.0", with maximum capacity in performance and goals and unbeatable implementation time and price.

If you would like to know more details about SuccessFactors Full Express 2.0. send us an email to sfsf@telenium.es

Bet on the best technology with the best team, now is the time.

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