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Founded in 1998, Telenium has proven a high capacity of adapting to fast-moving market conditions and client needs, providing persistence and growth along different phases of the IT cycle.

One of the success keys along Telenium history has been the ownership closeness to the business. The founders of Telenium are close to the day to day customers what allows to develop a strong portfolio with lasting relationships: telecom, media, utilities, retail, systems integrators, infrastructure, tecnology, transport, Public Admin.

With this first line customers we have a good growth ratio with the appropriate size: Large enough to address ambitious engagements and efficient enough to maximize flexibility and adaption to client needs.

To address all this challenges we have develop a good combination of experience and dynamism, for highly demanding clients (most of them are global leaders), young and qualified people and a business model oriented to permanent change, aligned with client and market dynamics. Telenium has got solid financials: Moderate but consistent and sustained profitability, reinvestment of profits and institutional shareholders.